A Conference About The Future Of Drupal

New York City

Aug. 17 - 19, 2018

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Aten Design Group
Therefore Interactive

When Progressive Decoupling Makes Sense


Peter Weber

Kay Thayer

Fr 13:45pm Room: Therefore Interactive Room

Decoupling Drupal gives you access to a wide range of front-end tools for creating dynamic interactive interfaces, but fully decoupling means you may have to recreate a lot of functionality that Drupal provides out of the box. A progressively decoupled approach allows you to focus your time and budget on key interfaces while still taking advantage of Drupal features that are often taken for granted.

This session will cover three case studies in which we helped solve unique problems for clients – each progressively decoupling Drupal with different approaches. We’ll walk through the architecture and approach taken when creating:

* An interactive tuition calculator for Stanford Summer Sessions using Vue and drupalSettings
* An open source event management system for libraries, in collaboration with Richland Library, using React, JSON API and custom API routes with ILS integration.
* A lottery system for the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, known as the Octopus Initiative, that gives patrons a chance to display works of art in their own. Built with React and GraphQL

All these projects presented their own unique challenges. Each approach and technology gave us insight into their advantages and disadvantages. We hope that sharing these experiences will inspire you to decouple where it makes sense without having to reinvent the wheel.

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